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Book Hidden Caps for sale!

Posted on Nov 15, 2017 by in Hidden Caps | 0 comments

Hidden Caps book

My first book with 106 illustrated pages has finished. And is for sale! The book consists of 26 drawings of the alphabet. Capitalized letters, hidden in the drawing. Well, to be honest, not that hidden that you can’t spot them easily. See the drawings on this website for the content. As an extra, I have added 26 pages with sketches to the book. For each letter a double page.

The book is for sale for just EUR35 (about 41 USD or 31 BP) ex shipping fee.

Happy with a PDF file? Then the book is only 5 euro!

Interested? Contact me!

Sketches for the "S"

Sketches for the “S”

The page "C".

The page “C”. On the left pages I’ve added text that fits the image.